Vegan Thanksgiving

Vegan Thanksgiving

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It’s Canadian Thanksgiving and even though we no longer live in Canada, I never pass up an excuse to have friends over and cook a bunch of delicious food.

Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner



On the table this year is:

  • lentil shepard’s pie I used this recipe from the Minimalist Baker and it’s delicious
  • a quinoa, apple, kale, & squash salad, from this “Harvest Quinoa Salad” recipe – definitely one of my favourite salads, I love the mix of crunchy apples with the butternut squash and kale and the ingredients are very autumnal
  • roasted brussel sprouts, I just tossed them with oil, lemon juice, garlic, and pepper before roasting
  • garlic bread, made with vegan butter, olive oil, and rosemary


  • pumpkin pie (not pictured), using this recipe for the filling (but also subbing in some sweet potato) and this recipe for the crust although I’m not sure we made it correctly because our dough was very sticky






Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner


Round 2

The next day we had a bunch of leftover ingredients so we decided to have another dinner since one of our friends couldn’t make it the day before.

  • we had a leftover pie crust (accidentally made a double recipe) and extra frozen veggies so I made a veggie pot pie using this recipe for the filling and the crust on top
  • we also had an extra baguette (not sure why we bought 2) and lots of celery so I made this dressing/stuffing but with just one kind of bread and subbing vegetable stock
  • there were a bunch of extra potatoes so we also had mashed potatoes
  • and we made another salad with the kale we had, basically the same recipe but without the quinoa and squash



Happy Thanksgiving!!!