Tank from a Skirt DIY

Today is Fashion Revolution Day! I am taking part in the HAULternative movement which instead of traditional hauls of cheap, fast-fashion clothes, people create hauls of vintage, second-hand, DIY, investment, rented, or swapped clothing. I created a video of garments I updated and customized.

One of the items was a skirt which I turned into a tank top.Skirt to tank DIY

I found this skirt at a thrift store and really liked the fabric, so I made it into a flowy, adjustable-strap tank. Here’s how I did it:

1 – You need a few measurements to make the pattern:

  1. Your bust + 3-6 cm ease – I used 4 cm (you have to be able to pull it on over your head)
  2. The length you want it along the side (armhole to hem)
  3. How high you want the neck (from the bottom of the armhole)
  4. The distance between the straps (it’s good to measure a tank that you already own that’s not very stretchy)

2 – Lay your skirt out flat and folded in half and the hems even. Using fabric chalk or markers (make sure they erase) measure up from the hem the length you want your tank to be (measurement #2) and go around the hem.


3 – Divide measurement #1 (bust+ease) in half and measure and mark that distance along the line you just drew. From that point draw and angled line to the hem (the more angled the more volume it will have).

Skirt to Tank DIY

4 – Take measurement #3 (neckline height from bottom armhole) and do the same as step 2 measuring from the dotted line you drew.

Skirt to Tank DIY

5 – Divide measurement #4 (distance between straps) in half and measure and mark that along the new line.

Skirt to tank DIY

5 – Then you can create the neck line and armhole shapes. Draw a gentle curve along the top line, going above slightly where the strap mark is (you can play a bit with the neckline shape), draw straight the width of your strap and then make a sharper curve down to the second line for the armhole (use a tank you already have for reference on the shape of the curve.


6 – Then add a seam allowance (whatever you prefer using, I like 1 cm) all along the edge you drew. You can then cut it out and this is what mine looked like at this point.

Skirt to Tank DIY

7 – It’s also good to cut out a smaller facing for a clean finish at the top of the tank so I just traced off the shape again but with half the length.


So that is the basic tank pattern and here’s how to sew it:

You will need your tank and facing as well as 2 long strips of fabric or ribbon for straps and 2 smaller strips or ribbon pieces for the loops in the front.

1 – Sew the back seam together on the tank and facing. measure how far apart you want your straps and the back and make a mark on both sides, equal distance from the back seam.

2 – Sew together the facing and tank (right sides together) leaving a gap for the front and back straps.

3 – Create 2 little loops out of fabric or ribbon and sew those into the 2 holes for the front straps.

4 – Measure out 2 long lengths of fabric or ribbon (should be able to go from your back to the front and behind your neck with plenty of extra to tie into a bow.

5 – Sew the long straps into the 2 holes that you left open for the back straps.

6 – It’s a good idea to understitch along the top edge of the facing to prevent it from rolling outward or showing.

You are done! Take the long straps from the back, run them over your shoulders, through the loops and tie behind your neck at the height you want.


Please let me know if you have any questions or if you try this yourself!