Winter Capsule Wardrobe

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I’m really excited about this winter season with lots of cozy knits to wear.

This capsule wardrobe came to 30 pieces and I will likely be adding in my wedge booties and possibly a second pair of jeans but I’m going to see how it goes.

I follow the Project 333 capsule wardrobe which you can learn more about here. As usual I don’t include jewellery, athletic clothes, sleep and lounge wear, and underwear/socks in my items. I also decided this season to not include my winter coat or mittens since I don’t see them as part of my outfits but I probably could have easily included them.

The items in my capsule are:

1. grey tank – Comazo earth
2. black tank – The White Briefs
3. sequin tee
4. black tee – MEC
5. plaid flannel – secondhand
6. grey woven long-sleeve – handmade
7. draped long-sleeve – Obakki
8. grey knit top – People Tree
9. cranberry knit top
10. tan sweater – handknit
11. mustard & navy sweater – People Tree
12. chunky knit vest – handknit
13. Icelandic sweater – secondhand
14. check tunic – People Tree
15. cocoon cardigan
16. purple wrap dress
17. brown body-con dress – handmade
18. black flared skirt – Obakki
19. beige flared skirt – handmade
20. black knit trousers – People Tree
21. burgundy leggings
22. jeans – Naked & Famous Denim
23. cranberry knit scarf – handknit
24. indigo scarf – handmade
25. white knit hat – handknit
26. blue knit toque
27. light grey large envelope bag – Matt & Nat
28. black clutch/shoulder bag – Matt & Nat
29. cream heels
30. grey boots – Vegetarian Shoes

Live Q&A with Courtney Carver

This Monday (January 18th) I’ll be hosting a live Q&A with Courtney Carver, creator of Project 333 and the simple living blog Be More with Less.

Courtney has inspired me and people all around the world to downsize their wardrobes and simplify their lives. I’m so excited to chat with her and to give you the opportunity to ask some questions!


Thanks to everyone who tuned in and for all the great questions!



Holiday ‘Shop your Closet’ Lookbook

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This year why not shop your closet before buying a new holiday outfit?

The holidays are a time where unfortunately a lot of clothes are bought which only get worn once, maybe twice. This is not very environmentally friendly and also creates unnecessary clutter in your closet.
I’ve joined some other capsule wardrobe youtubers to create holiday lookbooks without buying new clothes, check out their videos for a variety of styles!

Alli Cherry
Melissa Alexandria
Samantha Lindsey


My holiday outfits include:

Outfit 1 – Office Party

  • People Tree check tunic *
  • Obakki black flared skirt
  • black heels

Outfit 2 – Cocktail Party

  • thrifted grey chiffon dress
  • black heels

Outfit 3 – Dinner & Drinks


Happy Holidays!!



* indicates an affiliate link, for more info about my use of affiliate links please see my disclosure policy

Fibres & Fabrics Series

The materials you choose are pretty important, they affect the comfort and performance of a garment, how you care for it, and also have an environmental impact, some much more so than others. There are a ton of different textiles available, all with different looks, benefits, and sustainable/ethical issues. I created this series on My Green Closet to talk about common fibres and fabrics, what the pros and cons are, and what different options are available if you’re trying to make more responsible purchases.

Part 1 – Pros & Cons of Common Materials

Part 2 – Animal Materials & Vegan Synthetics

Part 3 – Recycled & Upcycled Materials



Fall ’15 Eco Fashion Picks

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I’m going to start sharing some sustainable/ethical fashion picks again! These are clothes and accessories I’ve found while checking out the new collections from brands that I follow. I hope they help inspire your fall style and maybe introduce you to some conscious brands you haven’t heard of.

This comfy, casual, minimalist outfit was inspired by one of my favourite things to do in the fall- go for a walk and look at all the beautiful trees.

Fall '15 eco fashion picks 1



  1. Copper Shield Necklace by Laura Lombardi. Made in the US from vintage and re-purposed materials.
  2. Keisha Knitted Dress in Winter White* by People Tree (UK). Fairtrade and knit from organic cotton.
  3. Leggings in Feather Mono by Antiform. Made in England from deadstock/reclaimed fabric.
  4. Brave backpack in Gravel by Matt & Nat (CAN). Vegan leather and recycled plastic lining.
  5. Berlin Zip-UP Bootie in Burgundy by Bhava (US). Vegan suede and organic cotton lining.


In the fall I always want a comfortable and cozy outfit. This knitted dress is such a simple but lovely piece, it could definitely be dressed up or down. The burgundy colour of the booties is so autumnal and I really like the stylish backpacks that are now available, this minimalist vegan one is another great versatile piece, perfect for fall walks.



Fall Capsule Wardrobe

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It’s autumn!

After a less-than-successful summer capsule wardrobe I’m really excited about this fall one. I think I planned it well, taking into account both variable weather and holiday events/parties that happen during the season. My capsule has 32 pieces and I will still be adding in another pair of shoes and probably a second scarf. I also decided after my first year of Project 333 that because of all the extra layers I wear during fall and winter 35-38 pieces is probably a more comfortable number for me during these seasons, so I’m going to see how that goes this time around.

My capsule contains:

  • 3 tanks
  • 2 short-sleeve tees
  • 2 long-sleeve tops
  • 1 blouse
  • 2 button-up shirts
  • 2 sweaters
  • 1 cardigan
  • 1 skirt
  • 1 pair of black pants
  • 1 pair of leggings
  • 2 jeans
  • 2 tunic dresses
  • 2 longer dresses
  • 1 more formal dress
  • 4 jackets
  • 2 boots
  • 1 scarf
  • 2 bags


So far the weather has been gorgeous so I hope we’re going to have a lovely fall here, and I hope you have one as well!



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