Join the "Fast-Fashion Fast" Challenge

Pledge to not buy from fast-fashion retailers for 3 months, June-August. (It's already started, but you can still signup until June 15th!)

You will also get new email activities and extra challenges every 2 weeks which you can participate in. These are designed to help you assess your current wardrobe, define your needs and values, and research options.
The first extra challenge will be to not shop for clothes at all during the month of June- this is a great way to kick off your fast, tackle shopping habits, and assess your current wardrobe.

When signing up you will be invited to join a Facebook community of other fast-fashion fasters for support, discussing challenges, tips, and a place to share your experience.

Why Quit Fast-Fashion?

The fashion industry has a devastating impact on people and the planet - from excessive water and resource use, pollution, toxins in garments, and massive amounts of textile waste, to worker abuse, unfair pay, bonded labour, and animal cruelty, with fast-fashion at the heart of it. Fast-fashion retailers like Zara, Forever 21, H&M, Primark, and more put out new products weekly and the demand and production of very cheap "disposable" clothes has created an industry of cutting costs which often comes at the expense of workers and the environment. It also has created a huge waste problem (the average American throws away 70 pounds of textiles in a year!) and since the majority of these clothes are synthetic petroleum-based materials like polyester they won't break down.

Simply reducing our consumption, avoiding impulse purchases that don't get used, and keeping/caring for our clothes can have a huge impact.
Fashion needs to slow down.

The challenge includes activities to help you:

- Change your shopping habits
- Better understand your style and what you like to wear
- Define your values and priorities
- Find sustainable lifestyle solutions
- Find ethical brands that align with your values


Sign up is now closed.

However after the summer the activities will be available as an ebook.

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The Fast-Fashion Fast involves avoiding purchasing directly from fast fashion retailers for 3 months (FF garments bought secondhand are ok though) and includes extra challenges and activities to help you get to know your closet and needs better and find options that align with your values.


How to tell if a brand is fast-fashion?

Fast-fashion brands are typically on the high street and in malls, they continuously offer new clothes (typically have new stock weekly) at cheap prices. Some examples of brands to avoid are: Forever 21, Zara, Primark, H&M, Topshop, Uniqlo, C&A, and Bershka.