Verena Erin

Fashion is about garments that people feel good wearing and feel good about owning.

Clothing can be a powerful tool, with the ability to change the way you see yourself, help express your individuality, and enhance your life through functional design. It can also change the world; the fashion industry contributes to pollution, environmental destruction, toxic chemical use, human rights abuse, and the list goes on. We all wear and buy clothing and can make impactful decisions.

With my work I embrace a “slow fashion” philosophy and encourage thoughtful and considerate consumption. I hope to help people look, and more importantly, feel amazing without sacrificing their ethical and environmental values. 

While studying fashion design, Verena (Erin) learned about the harmful aspects of fashion; questioning her decision to be part of such a destructive industry, she resolved to make clothing she could be proud of. Inspired by designers and companies already making strides in ethical and environmentally conscious apparel, Erin knew she wanted to be a part of working towards a kinder fashion industry.

To share her passion about sustainable style, Erin runs My Green Closet a YouTube channel and blog where she creates videos about sustainable and ethical fashion, capsule wardrobes, natural beauty, minimalism, the fashion industry, and living more consciously.